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RailPictures from Romania

By: Florin Moldovan
Album Views: 20,241
D&RGW Narrow Gauge

By: Sid Vaught
Album Views: 20,238
Old & Recreated Equipment & Scenes

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 20,237
Inside -> Outside

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 20,214
Sumptuous railroad facilities

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 20,122
Railway Silhouettes!

By: Federico Santagati
Album Views: 19,893
Pictures taken with the strong contrast between Rail and Light in Dawn/Dusk/Sunrise or Sunset. Check the Flickr Group for more! www.flickr.com/groups/railway_silhouettes/

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 19,755
Propelled by helicopter-like turbines
Snow Storm

By: Mitch Goldman
Album Views: 19,737
Photos captured during a snow storm.
Heritage Units

By: David Ashley
Album Views: 19,713
Photos of Amtrak, Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific locomotives with paint schemes that commemorate their predecessors, or paint schemes of the past.
Union Pacific Heritage Operations

By: ollie
Album Views: 19,701
UP's historic steam and diesels in action.
Wide Cab Locomotives

By: John Westfield
Album Views: 19,563
Replacing older standard cab locomotives, Wide Cab Locomotives provide crews with better comfort and safety.

By: ollie
Album Views: 19,404
New Jersey Transit

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 19,382

By: Craig Williams
Album Views: 19,230

By: E.Glorg
Album Views: 19,193
Narrow-gauge railroads

By: Craig Williams
Album Views: 19,094
American Railroad Depots, Stations and Towers

By: partneylr777
Album Views: 18,821
Oh the stories these special buildings could tell. Originally the brains of the rails they monitored, working to insure effecient rail service for our nation! A tribute!
Austrian, Swiss and Italian Trains

By: Pete Boor
Album Views: 18,762
Moving People

By: Craig Walker
Album Views: 18,730
A collection of streetcars and subways
Stu's Trains

By: Ausie Stu 4
Album Views: 18,683
Phots I like
Famous Diesels: the Alsthom CC72000 family

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 18,666
The French Alsthom CC72000 and her cousins in other countries: Morocco, Portugal, Argentina
Trains vs. weather

By: mattkdettman
Album Views: 18,571
New Zealand - KiwiRail and Tranz Rail (North Island)

By: John Russell
Album Views: 18,569
Trains on KiwiRail network from Whangarei in the north to the capital, Wellington. The track gauge is 3' 6" (1.067m) with grades up to 1 in 35 (3%.)

By: Michael William Sullivan
Album Views: 18,549
The ashes of Conrail as they settled in the years after the NS/CSX split of 1999. This does not includes heritage locomotives or repaints.

By: Spencer T. Whitman
Album Views: 18,529
Old and deteriorated locomotives, railcars, and stations that reminds of a railroads history and heritage.
Displayed Steam

By: ollie
Album Views: 18,516
Cold steam sitting for all to see.
(NS) - Norfolk Southern - (NS)

By: Paul Bungard
Album Views: 18,397
CSX Transportation

By: David Ashley
Album Views: 18,395
A collection of photos from all over the far flung CSX system.
Matched Sets

By: Peter Lewis
Album Views: 18,261
No matter what the paint or engine, there is something about a pair or group of identical engines that really makes a photo tick.
Connecticut Valley Railroads

By: Ellis Simon
Album Views: 18,236
Photos of trains on rail lines serving New England's Connecticut River Valley
Nevada Northern: High Desert Time Warp

By: Kevin Madore
Album Views: 18,188
Images from numerous winter photo shoot weekends in Ely, Nevada
Railroad Art

By: Frank Orona
Album Views: 18,088
Logos and other unique artwork adorning the sides of trains.
ALCo locomotives

By: Pete Greischar
Album Views: 17,895
ALCo locomotives

By: partneylr777
Album Views: 17,868
There are times when many engines, cars or cabooses are concentrated in a location. Such sites are for storage, economic reasons, active power needs or for rebuilding. For others, wear and tear have brought their usefulness to and end.
Southwest Chief

By: Mazari Sharif
Album Views: 17,854
Switchstand Shots

By: Janusz Mrozek
Album Views: 17,815
Both shots of switchstands (swithstand "portraits") and shots featuring swithstands, or derails, in the foreground.
South American Railways

By: Pete Boor
Album Views: 17,572
Peru - FCCA Ferrocaril Central del Peru

By: John Russell
Album Views: 17,545
French Steam: Mountains

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 17,486
Amazing sky

By: Praminto Nugroho
Album Views: 17,452
They tell me what to do.
Rail Stations

By: Florin Moldovan
Album Views: 17,333
C&NW in Upper Michigan

By: Chuck Schwesinger
Album Views: 17,308
This will be photos that were taken north of Green Bay on the C&NW ore lines. Mainly photos of ore trains will be in this album along with some manifest trains and switch jobs that worked the area.
GE's in Australia

By: mark woody
Album Views: 17,264

By: Mitch Goldman
Album Views: 17,185
Effective Silhouettes

By: Florin Moldovan
Album Views: 17,105
Chile - Ferronor and FCAB Ferrocarril Antofagasta Bolivia

By: John Russell
Album Views: 16,977
Jack Bejna's Steam Album

By: Juice Junkie
Album Views: 16,931
steam and first generation diesel photos

By: ollie
Album Views: 16,902
My hometown railroad
The BL2 Club (Sandwich)..the "tasty" EMD BLT..um, BL2!

By: Dana M.
Album Views: 16,871
An assortment of photos of the distinctly unique (and 'cute') little locomotive EMD ever built, the BL2! I understand it also makes a tasty sandwich..Oh, that's a BLT! (When a new BL2 is "ordered", it will be served fresh!)

By: Jean-Marc Frybourg
Album Views: 16,831

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