Posted by Greg Ek-Collins on March 21, 2005 
What a great photograph. A perfect shot for Halloween... The Ghost Train cometh! Nicely done. G. Ek-Collins
Posted by BNSF SAMMY on March 21, 2005 
spooooky picture with the head stones and the train coming out of the fog...excellent shot. Spoooky
Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) on March 21, 2005 
definitely a very moody shot...should be next PotW in my opinion...great job, joshua....nice work
Posted by Dave Kerr on March 21, 2005 
A splendidly composed photo, Joshua.
Posted by Brian Gessel on March 21, 2005 
Great shot! Thanks!
Posted by Bryan Bell on March 21, 2005 
Thats the coolest pic I ever saw on this site.
Posted by Sid Vaught on March 22, 2005 
You sir, are an artist.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on August 19, 2007 
Erie, enchanting photo. Great catch, the fog really adds.
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on November 12, 2008 
Fog + cemetery + well taken = excellent!
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