Posted by E.M. Bell, on January 10, 2005 
Add a little fire and you would have the perfect shot of a GE doing what GE's do best!!
Posted by Ryan Parent on January 10, 2005 
Woah!! Thats insane! I know GE's are notrious for blowing flames and some smoke but I have never seen one do that!!
Posted by Adam Parsons on January 10, 2005 
Anyone here up for smoked Catfish?
Posted by on January 10, 2005 
That isn't the way to get a pay raise
Posted by Chris Martin on January 11, 2005 
I thought NS did away with their steam program. Not by the looks of it, atleast smoke wise.
Posted by Kensi M. Mills on January 12, 2005 
Someone forgot to tell these guys "smoking on the job can be hazardous for your health"
Posted by Scott L on November 5, 2005 
Man. That dash 9 is smoking up a storm. Take that alco
Posted by Mike Huhn on November 20, 2005 
Definately a wanabe steam engine....
Posted by Jason Underwood on February 4, 2006 
Damn Jake! You see all the good stuff :P
Posted by Scott Locker on June 28, 2006 
I think this dash 9 is a few years late for a part in the NS steam program
Posted by STEVE SPEARS on September 28, 2006 
Did a turbo, "go south?"
Posted by Snowy on July 29, 2009 
I imagine the Greenies would have gone NATO over this incident. Bet you it smelled good too. Nice catch.
Posted by Charlie C on July 8, 2011 
I can remember several times in the late 50's watching an eastbound climbing the 1% through Cresson, Pa. with one of it's F-units belching white smoke like that, usually from only 1 of the stacks, with the top of the carbody "wet" with an oily film.
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