Posted by Joseph LeMay on January 9, 2005 
Nice! Isn't there some sort of regulation as to how much snow you can have on the front of your locomotive? Also, what are those round things on the windows?
Posted by Dave Kerr on January 9, 2005 
Jim, this is excellent.
Posted by Ken Szok on January 10, 2005 
Great shot!
Posted by Jim Bryant on January 10, 2005 
Those round things on the windows are marine window wipers. The glass spins and clears the window. Don't know about regulations on snow, but would think as long as one can see out of the cab, and the ditch lights and head light works no problem. Fellow thanks for the kind comments Jim
Posted by NSSR Brakeman on January 14, 2005 
Photo of the Week Material! Great Shot!
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