Posted by Nick Hart on January 9, 2005 
Wow! Spectacular night shot, Jim! :) Keep up the great work!
Posted by Dave Kerr on January 9, 2005 
Super shot, Jim.
Posted by AmtrakRenoHogHead on June 27, 2006 
A little info for you all about this special train!!!! This train was annulled at Reno because Train 6 (east bound) had still not arrived in Reno when this phot was taken. Reason being it went on the ground in the Sierra Nevadas!! Now, here comes the irony for you. I was the engineer on the train shown in the photo when it was sent back to chicago as number 6 the next afternoon. Funny thing is we ended up putting the two engines shown in the ground in the Sparks, Nevada yard while switching! So, the train got anulled a second day!!!! To sum it up. Train shown was anulled because counterpart derailed, train shown derailed next day while switching, two days later train 6 hit a boulder in Ruby Canyon Colorado, after that all trains anulled due to weather and derailments for 4 weeks!! Unempoyment is not fun!
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