Posted by Dave Kerr on December 7, 2004 
There is something special about British steam locomotives. Very nice, Samuel.
Posted by Joseph LeMay on December 7, 2004 
Ha! Empire State Express 999 was the first to reach 100mph. Nice shot of the British 100mph loco, though.
Posted by Sam Felce on December 7, 2004 
hmmmm! I'm a diesel man - don't shoot me! no, steam definately has its seperate aura and it is living history. The '100' claim by the GWR was actually never official as the didn't want the passengers to know how fast they wee going as it may frighten them! glad you enjoy the photos - see my GWR king shot just added. thanks all, Sam.
Posted by Nick Hart on December 7, 2004 
Very nice shot, Samuel! Great colors, with excellent, and I mean excellent scenery! :)
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