Posted by Gregory M Goodwin on April 2, 2024 
Interesting. I assume that the train runs off of third rail power. If so, how do they operate it in flooded areas? Seems like that would be extremely dangerous.
Posted by Jeff Nehring on April 2, 2024 
You learn something new all the time. Thanks for sharing and the informative story!
Posted by Matt Csenge on April 3, 2024 
Though some of the cars are converted from revenue equipment, the pump trains are not electric but rather diesel-hauled. A locomotive would couple onto the end (the far end, in this view) and push the train down into the flooded area. The hose reach cars would ensure that the locomotive would not enter the floodwaters itself. Generators on board the pump train would provide power to the pumps themselves. Since the pump trains are so infrequently needed, the diesels do not stay with the consist and are able to be utilized for other maintenance activities until the need for the pump train arises.
Posted by Gregory M Goodwin on April 3, 2024 
Thank you for the reply and letting us know how this equipment works.
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