Posted by GEORGE M. STUPAR on August 14, 2023 
Wow! Awesome lighting, contrast, and subject matter, with a very informative caption as well. Actually, there aren't enough positive superlatives available to describe this magnificent photographic masterpiece. Good job, Jason, very well done.
Posted by Vertti Kontinen on August 14, 2023 
What a scene!
Posted by Ringo Clark - on August 15, 2023 
Pretty Monolithic Chunk of Mountain ! Is that a " Debris Gulch " ( Rock Slide , Water Washout ) Runoff circling down on the Left ? This WHOLE piece of " Real Estate " Dwarfs the Train . Amazing Shot !
Posted by Jason Cary on August 15, 2023 
Thanks for the nice comments and all the favorites. To answer the questions; Yes, the sky was really cool and it got a bit dicey being that high on the mountain with approaching lightning. There is actually a lot more to say here but did not want to run the remarks too long. The slide zone above the shed was built in 1989, it was requested by the Parks service after a slide took out a train here. There was once a series of wood slide sheds that are now gone. The looming mountain is Mt Stephan 10495 feet. Before 1950 there was a series of aerial tramways linking mines high on the mountain that are hard to see at this resolution and a smelter that would have been in the foreground. The tramway hanging from about 2/3 up the mountain. If you look close you can still see the portals and some of the bracing for the tram. The mines produced Lead and Zinc. also small amounts of gold. No new permits have been issued since 1952 and all that is left are portals. The smelter site is now a camp ground and there is almost no trace that it was once there.
Posted by Joel Hinkhouse on August 15, 2023 
Oh my gosh! I've been to Field/Spiral/Kicking Horse a few times, but love this concept! Wow.
Posted by Ken Kuehne on August 28, 2023 
Looks like a dream! Great Shot!
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