Posted by Shawn Vermillion on October 23, 2004 
Awesome shot! That is very cool. Should be photo of the week.
Posted by Thomas Johnson on October 23, 2004 
Awesome photo Dave!
Posted by A.J. Smith on October 23, 2004 
Brilliant shot, Dave! Guess it's true you make your own luck...definitely worth the climb.
Posted by Brandon Smith on October 24, 2004 
Incredible photo David! A one of a kind view with the train about to disappear into the clouds. Nice work.
Posted by Earl Minnis on October 24, 2004 
I like everything you've done with this shot. Great photo, Dave.
Posted by Gregory Weirich on October 24, 2004 
I second the nomination for POTW.
Posted by Wade H. Massie on October 24, 2004 
Judging by this shot I'd say Mr. Kerr is due for another POTW!
Posted by Nick Hart on October 24, 2004 
Stunning photo! This should be the next Photo Of The Week!
Posted by Paul A. Valentine on October 24, 2004 
I Absolutely agree with the Picture of the week suggestions>>>>>>>>>>>>>!!! Ya hear that Moderators?????? Take Note! Paul V.
Posted by Paul A. Valentine on October 24, 2004 
Hey RailPictures Folks......Pic of the Week! Do ya know how much trouble Dave had to go through to get these Pics? Give the guy the credit! He earned it! Paul V
Posted by George W. Hamlin on October 26, 2004 
Dave: Great shot; well-executed. George Hamlin
Posted by Kensi M. Mills on October 26, 2004 
Dave, I concurr with George, Great Shot, this is quite a unique perspective!! Congrats on the POTW! Jason Breakiron
Posted by Paul A. Valentine on October 26, 2004 
YES>>>>Picture of the Week!!! 10-26-04
Posted by Nick Hart on October 26, 2004 
Congratulations on Photo Of The Week, Dave! :) Spectacular photo!
Posted by Brad Morocco on October 26, 2004 
Wonderful photo Dave. Congratulations on getting photo of the week as well!
Posted by LawnGuylander on October 26, 2004 
Very impressive, Dave! Keep up the good work!
Posted by Kathy Simon on October 26, 2004 
Awesome photo! Makes me want to be there!
Posted by David W. Baltes on November 1, 2004 
As they say in Germany-"sehr gut"(very good)!
Posted by Pete Bell on December 22, 2004 
Off, off into the fog...
Posted by Butch Brown on February 11, 2005 
That is my favorite picture at the Rockville Bridge, I like it better than the old Pennsy caledar cover I have framed at home
Posted by mc5725 on June 7, 2005 
I had to scroll down past 20 comments, and they all said it for me. Great shot, Dave.
Posted by on January 21, 2006 
All I can say is, this is one of the BEST pieces of railroad photography I have ever seen! Spectacular shot!
Posted by Mark Hardin on October 14, 2006 
Dave, ABSOLUTLY STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Brandon on January 11, 2009 
Great Photo work Dave And congrats on photo of the week And I must that's one long train
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