Posted by Tishia R. Boggs on March 31, 2022 
Thank you for suggesting this fitting end to the charter. Not many dry eyes around. Good on ya!
Posted by Sid Vaught on March 31, 2022 
Nice tribute. We will miss him greatly.
Posted by Kevin Madore on March 31, 2022 
Beautiful photo, Casey. Jim was indeed a great supporter of railroad preservation, but more importantly, he was also of the nicest people you could ever want to meet. Every time I see a newly restored steam engine, I will think of him.
Posted by MrRailfan190 on April 1, 2022 
Now I am doubly sad that I talked myself out of signing up for this event when I had the chance.
Posted by Craig Williams on April 1, 2022 
Very nice job to the tribute of a legend!
Posted by Coloradorailphotographer on April 1, 2022 
Rest In Peace sir. We will miss you. 2 legends and a really cool steam locomotive.
Posted by NorthTexasRailfan on April 1, 2022 
Beautiful moment here, and shot. I know we wish he was still alive, but his time had come. Rest in peace Jim Wrinn, and full steam ahead as well!
Posted by Sean Mathews on April 11, 2022 
A touching tribute for a great guy.
Posted by Jim Penn on April 14, 2022 
Thanks for posting this. So sad, but so nice to see him here. Recall Jim's message for 2022 in the January issue of Trains: Let's get busy livin'!
Posted by Jeff Sell on April 20, 2022 
Sad...but I'm sure glad he got to see #1309 under steam. Mr. Wrinn did a great job documenting the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad's restoration of #1309 in the special edition of Trains magazine last year - along with several other good and interesting articles as well.
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