Posted by James Burlington on March 22, 2022 
So this what I saw in the Enola Yard last week.
Posted by Sid Vaught on March 25, 2022 
I’ve always been puzzled by America’s aversion to double ended locomotives. Practically every country overseas uses them. No turning required. Instead of “cabbage” cars etc. all that would be required is a runaround on track that already exists in most cases. Many advantages and with modern electronics a full cab setup would not be needed on one end, just a sort of fixed man-pack. One of the few pointless thing that make sense. This one is hideously ugly BTW.
Posted by Jersey_Mike on April 5, 2022 
Replying to Sid Vaught, most US locomotives have visibility in both directions and can run in both directions. Moreover, locomotives are generally run in pairs. A second cab would add a large amount of inspection overhead.
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