Posted by Scott Cunningham on March 6, 2022 
A classic Bill. Great shot of train and engineer...
Posted by on March 6, 2022 
Bill.....I LOVE your photo's sooooo much.....I try not to open my big mouth when it comes to comments cause I really start going back in time.....but this one a classic of yours....I've got to say a few words....first...THANKs Bill for ALL photos both past present and future.....The Engineer is a River Division Engineer of the Milwaukee Road.....I'm sorry I don't remember his name.....his uniform as it were back then came from the late 40's early 50's when the MILW started the 48 Olympian Hiawatha with it's last set of new equipment.....I fired for guys that wore that stuff with a white shirt and a tie.....I would wear the bibbers and the Eisenhower jackets and my first wife EVEN made some striper vests for me......My first wife's Father John Schwab used to talk about the glory days with steam and diesels on the Hiawatha's.....I gotta stop now cause I'm starting to tear up!!
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