Posted by PhantomRailfan on November 19, 2021 
Didn't know this was a thing.
Posted by Alex Eve on November 19, 2021 
Very unique
Posted by Paul Heymann on November 19, 2021 
Plus, bottom dump only on long trestles. Doesn't fit in rotary dumpers.
Posted by FSWood on November 19, 2021 
If I ever did know this articulated car set was a thing the memory banks certainly did not retain it. Note about abrasive effects of coal dust brings to mind 2 things, one being the abrasiveness of Moon dust; and the other, I think is a thing, was a thing, I've read somewhere, the corrosive effect of pulverized coal, i.e. coal dust, on experimental turbines meant to burn it.
Posted by PhantomRailfan on November 20, 2021 
FS - I understand now. Thanks!
Posted by C.M.St.P.& P. on November 21, 2021 
Totally unbeknownst to me. Fascinating story of BN's continuing attempts at innovation. Fuel tenders also come to mind.
Posted by david bohn on November 22, 2021 
my Sons and I used to see this train in St. Charles Co. Missouri at the Sioux Power Plant on the Mississippi River. unique sound when they crossed a joint.
Posted by Preacher on November 22, 2021 
I think the old BN is my all time favorite color scheme...
Posted by Carl Massart on November 22, 2021 
How many truck were there on each unit? From the shadows I am guessing 14 per car. Nice catch Mike!
Posted by Kent Held on November 22, 2021 
26 axles per car. A single axle on each end and 12 pairs of trucks for each individual unit.
Posted by Carl Massart on November 22, 2021 
@Kent, thanks for the comment. I also noticed that the load limit was 7 figures! Looks like 1,404,600 lbs or 702 tons.
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