Posted by Kevin on October 30, 2021 
That device is fascinating. Is it on rails? It looks like there's a switch in front of the tunnel portal and that device may be on a siding.
Posted by Jeff Sell on October 30, 2021 
Nice and interesting find!
Posted by Konrad Weiss on October 31, 2021 
I am thinking it was the form when they poured a new concrete liner. See the concrete streaks?
Posted by Dale Roth on October 31, 2021 
is this contraption sitting on rails? I have seen it before and now do not remember the story behind it.
Posted by draftingmonkey on November 17, 2021 
The device is a Tunnel Lining Gantry/Trolley. You can actually see the rods at the ends of the horizontal framing that extend the sides out to hold the form in place while concrete is injected and then retract to move the form to the next location.
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