Posted by Coloradorailphotographer on October 23, 2021 
Spectacular shot!
Posted by Dave Redmann on October 23, 2021 
That is in interesting truss-esque bridge. (IMO it is not a true truss because some of the structural shapes are not triangles.) Maybe somebody can identify it and explain.
Posted by Bhupendra Mistry on October 25, 2021 
Very nice landscape, Nice location, Thanks.
Posted by Entre Durmientes (Mauro C.) on October 27, 2021 
It is inevitable for me to ask: Where is the water ?, and the photograph NÂș395060 immediately comes to mind.
Posted by FSWood on October 28, 2021 
Hey Dave, it looks a lot like what is called a Baltimore truss (with some additional horizontal bracing) which is sometimes considered to be a modification of the Pratt truss, except in this case with diagonals of alternating direction as in what is called a Warren with verticals. There are at least half a dozen different styles of trusses employed in bridges, some more common than others. A couple of quotes from History of Bridges dot com, "Pratt truss: has vertical members and diagonals that slope downward to the center. It is a variant commonly used for railroad bridges." & "Baltimore truss: made like Pratt truss but it has additional bracing in the lower section of the truss which prevents buckling in the compression members."
Posted by John Shine on November 11, 2021 
Fantastic shot!
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