Posted by Triplex on October 11, 2021 
When these appeared, they reminded me that the most obviously absent models in the BNSF fleet are (maybe "were" is more appropriate now, given how fast Class 1s are retiring them) standard-nose SD50/60 and C39/40-8.
Posted by xBNSFer on October 12, 2021 
Well technically, BNSF never rostered any standard cab SD50/SD60s or C40-8s; BN had SD60s, but they were a "lease fleet" in Oakway colors, and Santa Fe didn't buy any; neither bought standard cab C40-8s, the safety cab models had already become favored when the Santa Fe bought their fleet, and BN didn't buy any. Only DASH-8s for BN were again not really BN, they were LMX leasers, and not 6-axles (C39-8s).
Posted by Triplex on October 16, 2021 
I know what the BN/SF fleet is, and that's the background for my point. When the fleet contains GP60, GP60M, SD60M, B40-8, B40-8W, C40-8W, the absence of SD60 and C40-8 becomes more obvious.
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