Posted by Coloradorailphotographer on October 3, 2021 
Posted by Doug Lilly on October 3, 2021 
Thanks, Erik!
Posted by Michael J. Wilson on October 3, 2021 
Excellent Doug!
Posted by Richard A. GRACEY on October 4, 2021 
Excellent shot Doug! My son and I were down at Strasburg for the 11am run and then we did the 1200pm Whistle Blow Event. Had a great time.
Posted by Doug Lilly on October 4, 2021 
Thanks, Mike!
Posted by Gene on October 4, 2021 
The horse is stretching that top wire for some greener grass.
Posted by TedS on October 15, 2021 
Your persistence paid off! Great shot Doug, thanks for sharing it with us!!
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