Posted by Vitaly Amtrakov on September 10, 2021 
PCA vote!
Posted by Gregory M Goodwin on September 10, 2021 
Very interesting photo of a unique rail operation. Have not ever seen anything quite like it. Wonder how long does the railroad and equipment last running in such an environment. Gregory
Posted by Bob Thiele on September 10, 2021 
Very nice image. Tells a story and has such interesting visuals.
Posted by Robert Jordan on September 10, 2021 
Well that interesting, very interesting photo. Thanks!
Posted by Matt Donnelly on September 21, 2021 
Wild photo and operation. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by showalterbj on September 23, 2021 
This makes me wonder about the final drive of the powered wheels. I doubt they use electric traction motors. Also, how the track was laid is probably an intriguing story.
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