Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 27, 2021 
Very nice, Sean! Nice and sharp at the focus point, where it counts - where the eyes go first. Looks like you shot wider but were standing closer on this run (more difficult), which I think, based on the plume and the bluer sky, may have been perhaps a different run by, or perhaps the same run by but looking slightly more to the east - before the Cherry Crest Adventure Farm picnic tables appeared. Lot's of power conveyed in this up and close view. If anyone asks me for 611 rods up, 382 rods down, I'll send them your way, if you'll do the same for those seeking the opposite, lol! Thanks for the kind words!
Posted by Sean Mathews on May 28, 2021 
Mitch, I think you are right. Actually, I think this was after they asked that we leave the top of the hill, lol.
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