Posted by Erick Anderson on May 10, 2021 
What are the two rusty cylinders at left? They vaguely resemble boilers.
Posted by bradley on May 10, 2021 
Mr. Anderson, this is purely a guess, but my thinking is they are underground storage tanks from a gas station. Not sure if they represent something else, but the white plugs you can see on the closer one makes me think that's what they are.
Posted by Dylan Jones on May 11, 2021 
Those are old storage tanks from a gas station. No clue as to what training they can be used for as they're buried under ground, but who knows.
Posted by Kibu on July 20, 2021 
They're probably used to just show where the various components, like blow off valve, and loading valves are on the tank types.
Posted by bradley on July 20, 2021 
Something along those lines is my guess Kibu, but typically underground tanks don't have any valves or anything along those lines.
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