Posted by Konrad Weiss on May 7, 2021 
Man the railhead on the lower right tracks has taken a beating with the gauge change. It actually ramps up to the heavier gauge rail of the diamond. What an interesting meet caused by the stop signs. Just goes to prove they are there for a reason.
Posted by showalterbj on May 8, 2021 
So, who goes first? Do they toss a coin? (LOL)
Posted by Aleksander Akbashev on May 18, 2021 
The logo of the Atlantic RR looks a ton like the Alaska Railroad logo
Posted by Alex Eve on May 21, 2021 
IT would be funny if they had a basket ball goal and whoever won in a game of knockout got to go first. I also agree that the logo on the Atlantic railroad does look like the Alaska railroad logo.
Posted by Patrick McColgan on May 23, 2021 
I never thought there was a place where trains used stop signs! Haha! I take it that these lines aren't busy enough to justify the cost of installing signals?
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