Posted by Mitch Goldman on April 3, 2021 
Wow! Never would've known it was there, otherwise! Cool shot, Steve. What's the deal with the Talgo's? I thought Washington state (and Oregon) was going to scrap the perfectly fine sets? Great looking train - aside from the "Mater" cab. And a nice comfortable ride, too.
Posted by Peter G. Chase on April 3, 2021 
My question is, what are all those blue buildings for that look like they're flooded except they're out in the tide flats at low tide?
Posted by Steve Carter on April 3, 2021 
The Washington owned Series 6 have all gone to scrap in California. The Series 8, owned by Oregon will stick around for awhile. Not sure if a decision has been made, but the Cascades could end up with all Siemens trainsets or a mix of the Oregon Talgos, which would stay in Oregon, and Siemens trainsets operating in Washington and BC. For now it's just two trains a day, one Talgo and one with Horizon cars.
Posted by Steve Carter on April 5, 2021 
The blue buildings are boat "garages". At this low of a tide, they are just barely floating.
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