Posted by on March 10, 2021 
Was that the bridge used in Arnold's movie TRUE LIES??
Posted by Bob Pickering (BP) on March 10, 2021 
Great capture, believe it or not supposedly a study to bring back rail or monorail has been asked for in the Keys due to traffic congestion.
Posted by Russell Sekeet on March 10, 2021 
Tom, the bridge you are thinking about was Seven Mile Bridge another 3 miles up US-1. The old RR bridge was used in True Lies and the James bond movie Licence to Kill.
Posted by clinchfieldman on March 11, 2021 
My grandfather rode down the Key West on the FEC a couple times. He went railroading all across the country and said the Key West Extension was among the most beautiful and certainly the most unique stretch of railroading he experienced. And that's coming from someone who worked for the CC&O.
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