Posted by xBNSFer on January 31, 2021 
The original DD35 was the cabless booster, so its correct designation is simply the "DD35." When they added a version with a cab, they then called that the "DD35A" to differentiate it. EMD had a "DD40" (6,000 hp using two 3,000 hp 645 engines in place of the 567s in the DD35/DD35A) in its catalog, WITH a cab (so inconsistent on their naming convention), but nobody ordered one. (Athearn made an HO scale model of it, even though none were ever built.) Then came the UP only "DDA40X" "Centennial" model which squeezed an extra 300hp from each engine for a total 6,600hp, with the "wide nose" cowl style cab.
Posted by Triplex on February 26, 2021 
I admit, I'm more interested in the mix of gondolas than the mix of diesels...
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