Posted by Alex Eve on January 4, 2021 
Hey where do you want us to put all these hoppers? Just put them out in the field. Dont they need rails? Rails are for wimps. just put them on wood planks. LOL
Posted by David North on January 4, 2021 
Never seen railcars stored off rails!
Posted by Bob Thiele on January 4, 2021 
That was a LOT of work getting those hoppers placed out there without tracks!
Posted by TomO on January 4, 2021 
What a tough picture to view because of the business economy. Are the cars on tracks, I don’t see any rails? Thanks for sharing
Posted by pjw1967 on January 4, 2021 
Looks like they are stored on crane mats. Must have been some job to line them all up like that.
Posted by Trip Snyder on January 4, 2021 
These look like they are on the ground (no rail). How long did it take to place them here, and how did they do so? It reminds me of a model railroad, setting the cars out on the layout before railing them.
Posted by Plowhandle on January 4, 2021 
WHY are they separated ? You mean to tell me each car has been properly secured with a handbrake ?!
Posted by Andrew on January 5, 2021 
why are some of these cars standing on "boards" or concrete "plates"
Posted by C.M.St.P.& P. on January 5, 2021 
Do I not see rails?
Posted by Eric Blankenmyer on January 6, 2021 
Woah, a rare movement on the Retrackted Subdivision! Nice!
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