Posted by clinchfieldman on December 12, 2020 
All in all, about how many trains per day pass through this spot?
Posted by FSWood on December 13, 2020 
That hopper hue has gotta be glow in the dark paint!
Posted by Ry Alford on December 13, 2020 
Wonder how long it will be before the hoppers get "tagged".
Posted by Eric W. Benson on December 14, 2020 
I've never spent a full day at this location but I believe a safe estimate would be 10-12 and it could be 15-18. This location receives traffic from both the NS B-line & H-line.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on December 18, 2020 
Cool snaky shot of crazy color hoppers. Maybe the taggers will find this color clashes with their "art" work? I bet there was tower there at one time too.
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