Posted by dshartrick on October 12, 2020 
That's looks great. How about a DT&I next.
Posted by Jim Sinclair on October 12, 2020 
Great capture, Nicolas, and kudos to CN for making this happen! I'm really excited to see more of this unit, and the other 18 heritage units that will be emerging in the near future!
Posted by pierre fournier on October 12, 2020 
I can,t wait to see her.
Posted by bradley on October 12, 2020 
Glad to see it. Any guesses on what other lines will be represented?
Posted by SES on October 13, 2020 
Besides DT&I, I can only think of a handful of railroads CN has absorbed. Duluth, Missabe & Iron Mountain. Wisconsin Central. Illinois Central. Unless CN plans to paint up some of these railroad predecessors.
Posted by David Meyer on October 13, 2020 
Posted by Jay Hawthorne on October 13, 2020 
Norfolk Southern encore....very nice. This year we could all use something to cheer about.
Posted by xBNSFer on October 13, 2020 
Central Vermont used to be CN owned (through GT actually). Duluth, Winnipeg and Pacific and WC subsidiary Algoma Central also. They must be doing multiple different paint schemes from each or duplicates to get to 18 though!
Posted by Coit Merritt on October 14, 2020 
I wish BNSF would've done something like this.
Posted by SteveK on October 15, 2020 
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