Posted by Dan I. on September 19, 2020 
About a decade ago when I was driving a truck, there was a northbound traffic accident on I-90 somewhere between Sheridan and the state line of Montana. Rather than sit in stopped traffic, I took the State Highway 345 exit a few miles north of Sheridan and drove it to Lodge Grass, Montana. I did not realize that BNSF followed State Highway 345 and the Montana State Route all along both routes. It was a nice road with good scenery. There were a lot of trains along the route. That I do remember. I especially remember seeing a lot of fire belching out the exhaust of one of the third locomotive back from the leader. Not sure if the crew noticed it. But, it really looked bad and I just wondered if the engine completely caught on fire. i do not like to see vehicles of any kind being on fire and I have seen a lot them in my years of driving. Very scary situation.
Posted by Steve Larson on September 22, 2020 
A SPECTACULAR eye you have, John.
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