Posted by SES on September 4, 2020 
Is that the remains of the old NP prairie line that looks like a trail angling off the main toward the right of the picture and passing under the concrete highway bridge? If so, that's part of the original NP transcontinental that started at Kalama, OR and was terminated near here in 1873. The financial panic of the 1870's delayed NP from continuing construction of its transcontinental from Tacoma eastward and from Twin Cities west, bringing about its entire completion in the mid- 1880's. This in the picture may be a connecting track to the original line as I believe the original line crossed over this existing track somewhere behind the photographer on a bridge and made its course over to Reservation at I-5. What a treat! I wish they hadn't severed the prairie line at Pacific Ave. That's quite a part of Tacoma history and the town really owes its progress and growth with NP deciding to terminate here as the first transcon to reach the northwest. Made Seattle jealous for a short time.
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