Posted by Dan I. on August 1, 2020 
It is a shame that coal cannot be used anymore like it was before. One of our greatest energy resources ever just lying underneath the ground waiting to be excavated. Think of all the jobs lost at the mines. Think of all the jobs lost at the railroads hauling the coal. Look at the scene above in the picture. Then think about it. I keep hearing all these politicians go off about coal and climate change and yet Europe still uses coal as an energy source. I notice that a lot of coal trains make to the Virginia Beach area to be off-loaded onto ships which in turn take the coal to European nations. But very few trains used to deliver to American energy companies such as TVA's Bull Run coal-fired plant near the Clinton area scheduled to close up shop soon. But no politicians yowl and howl about American coal going to Europe. I reside in Campbell County with the CSX "KD Subdivision" tracks and ROW abutting my property. I used to see at least a dozen, give or take, coal trains loaded and unloaded pass by the house a day. Years ago, I was told by a CSX employee that the KD Sub was a "moneymaker" in the entire CSX system. Today, I only three coal trains a week if that pass by the house. Coal, oil, diesel, gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, propane, and every related fuel, including atomic, make this country operate. That is my opinion of it.
Posted by Jim Penn on August 1, 2020 
Dan, You need to add the other fossil fuel to your list: Natural gas. More power plants use it than coal today, because it is cheaper than coal. Wind and solar energy is even cheaper than coal energy in some areas. Lower cost will win in any environment.
Posted by Craig Williams on August 3, 2020 
Nice moody shot. Will age well with the end of coal someday.
Posted by James Gentry on August 6, 2020 
Another scene going to waste. Nice shot Will!!
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