Posted by Mark Pappalardo on July 27, 2020 
Made quite a few visits to Greenville each year during the 1990's and 2000's before having to move for work. There was usually a big selection of orange & black diesels clustered on the engine tracks near the sand tower, especially when the 900's showed up, plus the occasional Missabe engine and CSX and NS power bringing in coal trains. The turntable was still used, as were a few of the stalls on the south side of the round house (left, under the newer roof). The car shops (upper-left) were still in operation with a lot of cars waiting outside. Plus a caboose or two would be sitting around. And I was thinking THEN how much I'd like to go back 20 years or more. Sad to see how much has been lost in the 13 years or so since I last visited. The same thoughts go through my mind when I look at recent photos of the docks in Conneaut.
Posted by Ringo Clark - on July 27, 2020 
Sad scene of what once was
Posted by Scott Markloff on July 27, 2020 
Ah, progress. It's a painful part of life sometimes. It's a shame to see them demolished but they are pretty expensive to maintain. It's a shame because its a larger scale version of EBT shop complex at Orbisonia. It looks to be a complete example.
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