Posted by mmi16 on June 10, 2020 
If you think Montana Winters weather paint, try Florida year round Sun.
Posted by Nuc on June 10, 2020 
We're actually looking at the rear end of the locomotive on the engineer's side. You can see the windshield and all the other windows on this end have been plated over. That big black post at this end had the connectors for MU operation with another Joe.
Posted by A J Erlichman on June 10, 2020 
That is the "B" or blind end of the unit. One cab was blanked off to install more equipment.
Posted by Scott Cunningham on June 11, 2020 
It would have been nice to see and hear these locomotives in action Bill.....
Posted by Bill Edgar on June 12, 2020 
Thanks for the corrections on the end of the unit. I think I posted this too early in the am when my eyes were not yet fully working. It is too bad they boarded up the rear of these units, and is understandable that it would not have been fully restored for display.
Posted by mmi16 on June 12, 2020 
Suspect MILW was the organization that 'one ended' the operation of the locomotives. They must have felt that the costs of maintaining the 2nd operating cab on the locomotive wasn't worth it in their operation.
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