Posted by FSWood on May 23, 2020 
That is an interesting piece of machinery.
Posted by Rangachari Anand on May 24, 2020 
This is a fascinating locomotive! One observation though - I see only four coupled wheels under the coal bunker so perhaps this should be called a 0-8-0+2-4-0T ?
Posted by Georg Trüb on May 25, 2020 
Yes, it is a very special engine. The 3 axles below the coal bunker were not driven! The cylinders in the back powered two cogwheels, which are not visible. I don't know the correct designation for a such configuration. Maybe, the locomotive was rebuilt: In fact, it seems that two axles are driven now, but I'm not sure. I did't found enough infromation on the Internet about the history of this engine.
Posted by Georg Trüb on May 25, 2020 
I also took a close look at other photos. The three axles of the bogie under the coal bunker are not driven. The drive from the rear cylinders goes to a shaft with counterweight, which drives a cog wheel (Abt system). Over a coupling rod a second cog wheel axle is driven. On this photo, it is not visible clearly.
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