Posted by Carl Massart on May 23, 2020 
A nice looking consist!
Posted by SES on May 23, 2020 
Maybe there's just something wrong with my thinking, but I just don't get these railroads. They refurbish and rebuild these classic engines, make them look all perfect. They run them for maybe a decade on executive trains, then they toss them aside like a spoiled child that gets tired of his toys. It started with the BN executive F units, then UP quit running their E units on their executive trains. Then Norfolk Southern just liquidated their F units, and now it looks like these guys are tossing their stuff away. In my opinion, these things are like classic cars. You can keep them up and refurbish and they'll run forever. I'm just really disappointed with what the railroads are doing with their rare stuff that actually makes me admire them and has given me a sense of some of the stuff that was around when I was a youngster. Just disappointing!
Posted by Carl Kulzer on May 23, 2020 
Beautiful shot Kevin. Sound like this was their last trip. Thanks for posting, and best regards.
Posted by Carl Kulzer on May 24, 2020 
Thanks for a beautiful shot Kevin. Since this may be the last run you photo is all the more meaningful. I just cannot get enough of these classic cab units. Best regards.
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