Posted by Will Ebbert on May 14, 2020 
Awesome photo! Is this line very busy?
Posted by Jeff Sell on May 14, 2020 
Interesting 'cut' scenery. Nice catch!
Posted by L&N_55 on May 14, 2020 
The SD40-2; a Hall of Fame locomotive if ever there was one.
Posted by FSWood on May 14, 2020 
Don't know if that specific SD40-2 is, but the type is only two years shy of being a half-century old. The 1980 book Second Diesel Spotters Guide Update gives the SD40-2's beginning of production as January 1972. And pretty much the 1980s too, "... when railroads experienced high maintenance expenses for a relatively minor advance in horsepower per unit, they returned to the 16-cylinder models, making the SD40-2 practically the standard locomotive of the late 1970's." That was from page 51 of the above book. Paragraph starts by mentioning that railroads having SD45s took a while to decide whether spending money on lower horsepower locomotives was a good thing.
Posted by BN-SF on May 15, 2020 
This is a very far hike. I don't think I have ever seen someone take a photo from here.
Posted by Steve Larson on May 17, 2020 
A fantastic photo, Matt. I love how nature is reclaiming the rock. PCA for such an awesome shot.
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