Posted by Nikos Karageorgos on May 7, 2020 
Four "Greekos" in America...Nikos amazing...
Posted by Robert Jordan on May 8, 2020 
Wonderful photo, you really get around. This one of those rare ones where I think I really wish I was there. PCA for sure.!
Posted by Michael J. Wilson on May 8, 2020 
Posted by Kevin Madore on May 8, 2020 
Very pretty train-scape shot! Not sure why this didn't get an SC. I think it's a lock for one of the PCAs.
Posted by Daniel SIMON on May 8, 2020 
Very nice picture Nikos! A shame that it has not been awarded with a Screener Choice !!!
Posted by Troy Nolen on May 8, 2020 
Nice photo, excellent light, PCA vote!
Posted by chris davis on May 19, 2020 
This is terrific landscape photography The freight is the icing on the cake!!
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