Posted by Donnie R Witt on May 1, 2020 
CSX got rid of all their SD 60's and most of the SD-70's. The down side of precision railroading. But it was also like this during the great recession.
Posted by Jane Betts on May 1, 2020 
Great photo! It makes me home sick.
Posted by Mark Bau on May 1, 2020 
A victim of "Precision Railroading" or a victim of Covid-19 downturn? It has just been announced that Jenks, De Soto and Denver MofW facilities have been temporarily closed with most employees at these facilities furloughed.
Posted by Steve Ellis on May 1, 2020 
The dead line has been here long before Covid 19. This one is presision railrading related. These dead lines have been here over a year. The biggest reason that so many of the SD70M have been shut is the don't have DPU capability.
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