Posted by FSWood on April 30, 2020 
U30C? A typo maybe should be a B instead? Seems like in other references that 8214 was from U30B serial number series 38475-38487 built in November and December of 72. And I don't recall the C trucks having outside drop equalizers.
Posted by Grew up on the CW on April 30, 2020 
Google Earth's 2009 & 2020 street view, shows the 2 buildings are still in use and operated by Good Earth Peanut Company. Sadly though, the signal, gas pump and Coke sign are gone. I miss the good ole days...thanks for posting.
Posted by `LTEX1417 on April 30, 2020 
Cool shot, but that's a U30B.
Posted by FSWood on May 1, 2020 
That's neat that the buildings are still there and in use. The scene as photographed would be a grand one to model; even better backdated, or sprinkled with Modeler's License, to livelier times for the store. Would work quite well on a modular layout section with the multiple mainlines of something like N-Trak.
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