Posted by Danie Botes on April 28, 2020 
What a sad story when once beautiful stations are deserted! In South Africa one sees exactly the same with our once-prosperous Railways that are just disappearing. I have already taken thousands of photos of stations that disappear like the ones you show here and even keep them in book form. Here is also a poem I wrote about stations that perish: Deserted Railway Station Your once fancy clean station is now worn Your station master and porters have long been forgotten Now abandoned your signal room and tablet booth Your freight shed and cold stores now resigned Is there no lifebuoy in today's reason No passion for preserving history for the present No pain in your heart for an overgrown railway line Broken windows and murals that look like a desert You tell the decline of our country once so fine Donít you long for a steam train's smoke curtain Call out loud for help to every true railway heart The western sun drops slowly over your empty range yard Lonely Shame Deserted Ruined Worn Forgotten Alone Weep D.Botes 19-04-2014
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