Posted by Rick Erben on April 25, 2020 
That's just exquisite!
Posted by Sid Vaught on April 25, 2020 
Posted by OT LOCAL on April 25, 2020 
Wonderful Shot.Thanks-
Posted by Troy Staten on April 25, 2020 
Love these Bayarea photos from the 50's and 60's thanks for showing us.
Posted by Greg Mross on April 25, 2020 
Oooh lal la!
Posted by Jim Penn on April 25, 2020 
Agreed! And the weedy track on the right has such polished rails!
Posted by Carl Kulzer on April 28, 2020 
Thanks for posting a beautiful shot Wendel. Great paint scheme, resasonably clean and no graffiti. Shots like this keep me coming back.
Posted by Ringo Clark - on April 28, 2020 
The SP should never have gotten rid of the Black Widow paint scheme ! So much nicer than the Bleak, Bland, Boring Scarlet and Grey
Posted by Konrad Weiss on April 29, 2020 
I agree with everyone it is a beautiful picture. Also thank-you for locating it for us. It was very interesting to see that even though much had changed, all 4 tracks are still intact, and appear to be very much in use. as far as the paint scheme yes the Black widow was probably one of the best diesel schemes ever made, but very costly to apply, let alone maintain.
Posted by Bill Smith on May 1, 2020 
Hi. Very nice picture. I am in South Africa and a retired Telecommunication Technician from the Good Old South African Railways (Transnet) We had our own Telecom Department. This picture is similar to scenes at our signal cabins in the early days when we still used Aerial Line for telecommunications. Some circuits would get terminated at such a junction pole. Then a insulated pair of wires called bridle wire would be taken down the pole and into the signal cabin to provide services and then out again on a separate bundle to continue on to the next signal cabin or junction. Seldom see such an nice example. That is all gone today of course and underground cables took over and the Optic Fibre some of which is still run above ground on poles.
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