Posted by Troy Staten on April 11, 2020 
Nice, not a lot of Rock Island 4-8-4 photos out there. Thanks for showing us.
Posted by `LTEX1417 on April 11, 2020 
I like this. The car is dirty and dented and the engine is dirty showing it's been doing some work, unlike the more modern staged shots where everything is pristine and spit polished. This is reality.
Posted by Steve Larson on April 12, 2020 
I love the grittiness of this timeless classic. PCA for taking us back in time 72 years.
Posted by Steve Black on April 12, 2020 
Wow, oh wow, oh wow! This is great. I don't think I ever seen a color shot of one of these. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on April 12, 2020 
Agree with the above posts.
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