Posted by J.PO on March 29, 2020 
What a perspective!
Posted by Tom on March 30, 2020 
Wow !! Just a BIG WOW !!! Great photo catch.
Posted by Sport! on March 30, 2020 
I remember this scene so well on our travels through Milwaukee to northern Wisconsin. But alas, at the age of 10, I was a CNW and SOO fan and hardly had any "interest" in the MILW and even less for the AL Brewers. How I would pay a pretty penny to see this view again! Long Live the Hiawatha! Go Brewers!
Posted by wi joe on March 30, 2020 
I spy Bernie Brewer's keg. Love the shop pics, Mr T.
Posted by SES on March 30, 2020 
I'm wondering if this was during that time when half the locomotive fleet went down all at the same time. I think it started in the winter of 1977-78 but took several months to get everything up and going again. I only know this by what others have said. I was only 6yrs old when this pic was taken.
Posted by J. Randall Banks on March 30, 2020 
There is literally nothing left of this at all.
Posted by on March 31, 2020 
There is an interesting thread talking about this picture in the forums. See here:
Posted by Steve Larson on April 2, 2020 
Thanks, Tom, for sharing this gem of a photo. This is truly the proper type of Stadium Photo to share with the public. Yes, you may have guessed, TRAINS is my favorite sport, with the Milwaukee Road being one of my top teams.
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