Posted by Rich Brown on February 9, 2020 
With the number of locomotives that NS currently has in storage, it would seem unreasonable to spend the time / effort / $$ to repair a seriously wrecked unit. More likely to "shove it out in the weeds" or scavenge for parts.
Posted by Dana M. on February 10, 2020 
My bet will be that NS will salvage what they can use from this wreck and scrap it. The frame alone is too damaged to even think about repairing. This unit is a total loss and too heavily damaged to repair or rebuild and I can almost assuredly say that NS will scrap it.
Posted by Paul Surguy on February 10, 2020 
That is just not going to buff out
Posted by Nigel Curtis on February 10, 2020 
In response to why they are rebuilding this loco when NS have lines of stored locos, it could be that if it is leased, then sometimes the lessor requires the unit to be rebuilt. If NS owned it then they would probably scrap it. It is down to the terms of ownership and if a third party was responsible for causing the derailment then their insurance may be paying for it also.
Posted by William on February 10, 2020 
I agree With Mr. Brown
Posted by cnw4007 on February 10, 2020 
Just some sheet metal and a cab and away it goes. If it is leased they could swap the relevant parts for an equivalent locomotive and turn that back to the lessor instead of the original locomotive.
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