Posted by pjw1967 on January 18, 2020 
Any idea what happens when they get to Galveston? Storage? Sold for export?
Posted by Flarailfan on January 18, 2020 
January 27, 2020? 9 days from now??
Posted by ColmM on January 18, 2020 
These days have been coming for a while, and it seems they’re here now. NS has been dumping their -8’s, as well as UP and now BNSF as well. I wonder how long until CN follows suit? Get your shots while we still can, they’ll be gone before we know it.
Posted by William on January 18, 2020 
I'm sorry to hear about the Mac 70's. However, in my humble opinion, the GE's could have gone a lot sooner. I still think the C30-7's were the best power GE ever built. Smokey old jacks but they would pull.
Posted by Jadon H. on January 18, 2020 
The way I understand it, they’re gonna be stored in Galveston and then go to get scrapped eventually in Longview.
Posted by Jadon H. on January 18, 2020 
Oops, that was meant to be January 17th. Thank you for catching that
Posted by Kent Held on January 18, 2020 
Great shot Jadon. The SD70MACs that were on the train were under power helping the other two locomotives.
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