Posted by Ted Grumbine on January 12, 2020 
A perfectly awesome photograph, Will.
Posted by Rich Brown on January 12, 2020 
Gets my vote for PCA ! The epitome of "gritty."
Posted by Entre Durmientes (Mauro C.) on January 14, 2020 
I loved this shot! ...That industrial sector and with many railways is fascinating, in 2017, due to schedule issues i did not visit Duquesne having been so close! (Pittsburgh). PCA for me.
Posted by clinchfieldman on January 16, 2020 
I love this picture! If you said it was the 70s or 80s I'd believe it
Posted by John Fry on January 21, 2020 
Grit. That is Pittsburgh industrial railroading. You captured it and nailed it. Pca for sure. I got grimy just looking at this.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on February 1, 2020 
I'll second... third, and fourth the comments above! Very nice catch, nicely captured! A reminder of industrial might that once was a common site - as common perhaps as today's Walmarts. Congrats on a well earned PC!
Posted by Brian Brant on February 10, 2020 
This photo captures the very essence of industrial railroading. Very well done!
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