Posted by Nuc on December 17, 2019 
Not to mention the late, lamented Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul and Pacific - The Milwukee Road - which also used electric locomotives in this region. The BA&P helped prove the feasibility of main line electrification before the Milwaukee Road strung 3000V DC wire from Harlowton, MT to Avery, ID and later from Othello to Tacoma in Washington.
Posted by Triplex on December 17, 2019 
I first thought that was a battery tender for operation away from the wires, as I've never seen an electric with a slug before. It seems an odd concept, since the electric locomotive doesn't generate its own power in the first place.
Posted by Jason Cary on December 17, 2019 
How on earth did I forget to type my favorite Montana railroad???? The Milwaukee Road!!!! Oooops....
Posted by SES on December 22, 2019 
Judging from the looks of the traction booster, it was most likely an inexpensive way to add a little extra power to the consist without spending a fortune on a whole new unit. It's possible, too, that the booster was constructed from a wrecked unit. BA&P's trains were usually small as they mainly ran those little hoppers in relatively short strings from Butte to the smelter at Anaconda, so this little booster was probably all that was needed to get a little more power. I had no idea this gem was on display in Butte.
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