Posted by Laird Barber on December 2, 2019 
It has a sort of ghostly quality to it.
Posted by Kelly Lynch on December 3, 2019 
Ooof. Poetic.
Posted by Ringo Clark - on December 3, 2019 
Ghostly ! Looks like a scene from " Runaway Train " with Jon Voight and Eric Roberts
Posted by Dylan Jones on December 3, 2019 
This is pretty awesome. Great job, Mark!
Posted by Erick Anderson on December 3, 2019 
Looks like a painting. I dig it.
Posted by Mark Rosnick on December 3, 2019 
Awesome photo. Looks like it was taken on another planet
Posted by Sean Mathews on December 17, 2019 
I love the atmosphere of this image, however I really wish it was at a much, much better resolution. It looks like a thumbnail was blown up to a full size image. No offense to the photographer, because again, the atmosphere is amazing...
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