Posted by Kevin Madore on November 25, 2019 
If anything breaks or falls off the equipment, or if the blow-down system is running, it might be his last photo. But hey, his family will have some great shots to show at his wake.
Posted by santafemiket on November 26, 2019 
Kevin you are right , this guy is asking for trouble big time! He was very lucky on this day!
Posted by Greg Mross on November 26, 2019 
That's nothing compared to a woman in Racine with her cellphone....
Posted by AlanH on November 26, 2019 
People like that spoil things for the rest of us, but is it an optical illusion which makes him look so close to the track? He could have used a drone like the one over the bridge.
Posted by Jean-Marc Frybourg on November 26, 2019 
So stupid that he may very well have chosen to stay here only to pilot the drone that can be seen above the plume!
Posted by Timothy Tonge on November 26, 2019 
I saw this person as well... this is precisely what would cause a railroad to not welcome railfans of any time, anywhere, and potentially give up on running these types of trains altogether. Love the sign immediately next to him.
Posted by BUFFIE on November 26, 2019 
Much like the lady that unfortunately got hit by 844 in Colorado, this guy was looking through his camera completely losing situational awareness. And yes its not an optical illusion, he was so close that I thought for sure he would be clocked by that piston housing that sticks out from the engine. I still cant believe he did not graduate with a Darwin award.
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