Posted by FSWood on October 30, 2019 
Neat illustration on side of what must be the art supply store.
Posted by Tom Farence on October 30, 2019 
The year before the Seattle Worlds Fair....I believe it was Dad got a trip pass for the Olympian Hiawatha from Milwaukee to Renton,WA. and return. I had a cousin the worked for Boeing and lived in Renton so we went out to visit. My folks knew that the Milwaukee Road's Seattle passenger train service was on the block so this would be our last chance to ride west. One of the things that still stands out in my feeble memory was being in downtown Renton at 8PM and watching 264 with box cab locomotives grind down Hauser Street. That was the one and only time I saw box cab locomotives at work......The next time I would see a box cab locomotive was when I was the Engineer on 255 and 254 and we hauled them to Milwaukee from Portage and return west when they went to Duluth for museum duty.
Posted by Robert Jordan on October 30, 2019 
Great photo and scan, well deserved SC. Love your Milwaukee and CP contributions.
Posted by Chris Kilroy on October 31, 2019 
Awesome stuff, Bill. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by RANDY on October 31, 2019 
Thanks for the photos and the stories Tom and everybody else!!!!
Posted by SES on October 31, 2019 
The last year the Hiawathas ran to the coast was 1961. The Seattle World Fair was in 1962. The Milwaukee should have held out for one more year and got in on a little more passenger patronage. Google says there were more than 10 million visitors from April to October 1962. My dad remembers when the Space Needle went up. Thanks for sharing, Bill, and for documenting a truly great railroad that Tom Farence was an important part of and did a great job documenting the East end.
Posted by Scott Cunningham on November 1, 2019 
Bill, this is just so alien to us in the UK. I can't imagine any street here sharing usage with road and rail traffic, apart from LRT systems, and certainly not fully grown freight trains......!
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