Posted by bburtonpa on October 16, 2019 
ANOTHER magnificent image...GREAT job!!
Posted by Carl Massart on October 17, 2019 
Nothing like a low shutter speed pan to give the illusion of speed. Well Done!!
Posted by Jim Sinclair on October 17, 2019 
Mr. Drennen, I just spent the last five minutes studying your photo, and the longer I looked, the more I liked! Another great image that deserves a PC vote from me. Please keep up the fabulous effort!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on November 5, 2019 
The People's Choice (and SC /POTW) that wasn't - exceptional shot, Dan! One of the best pans I've ever seen, despite the centered rods. Captured at speed, bursting into the scene, monster plume and not looking the least bit out of place nor out of date. Has that copyrighted Ddrennenphoto look, too!
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